Exploring Bandoneon Technique
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Exploring Bandoneon Technique

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Exploring Bandoneon Technique - eLearning

By Julian Hasse

This course is a comprehensive guide to the bandoneon's initial technique, demonstrating the basic tools and tips to develop reading, and playing skills. Author Julian Hasse covers the ins and outs of the instrument, from basic construction information, exploring keyboards, single note and basic chords. Additionally, the course introduces exercises from the CZERNY method adapted specifically for this course, which will provide powerful methods for establishing your successful bandoneon playing.

Contents include:
  • 1. Introduction to Bandoneon technique
  • 2. Posture, body relaxation and warm-ups
  • 3. Bellows & “Air column”
  • 4. Single note Technique
  • 5. Basic chord construction
  • 6. Exercises and Lessons 
  • 7. Final recommendations
Duration: 12 lessons (3 months)
All scores, variations ans sheet music included. 
Unlimited email support.
Format: All lessons and exercises are in PDF format. 
45 minutes Skype a week for Q&A and evaluation.
Prerequisites: Bandoneon in good condition (in tune) and a computer with access to internet + microphone. 
Optional: (Skype account)

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Available languages: English & Spanish

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can I disturb your planned program with many questions?

Yes off course. The course includes support via email 24/7 so I can answer all your questions.


What happens if I have to study a lesson in one week and I am not able to do it on time?

If you take individual lessons, you can schedule your next lesson whenever you want. 
If you take the intensive seminars (3 months), you will have all the material in PDF so you can keep practicing after the seminar has finished.

I don´t speak either english or spanish very well, can you speak very slowly?

English is my second language too… so we´ll both need to speak slowly and clear. 


How many lessons we will need to get together on video skype?

In the SKYPE Edition you will have a lesson every week, with 45 minutes online dedicated to you. 
In the seminars, there is also a SKYPE meeting for questions and answers, once or twice a month, depending upon your needs.

What does it mean “Optional: Skype account”? Does it work without a Skype account too?

Yes. If you take the seminars, SKYPE is optional. In the VIDEO LESSONS (one-on-one) you need to use SKYPE. 


Can I get after the 12 lessons all the PDF’s and music sheets to keep practicing by myself?

Yes. As I mentioned earlier, when you sign up for an INTENSIVE 3 MONTHS seminar, you will receive material (PDF, eBooks, Audio, etc) so you can keep practicing even after the seminar has been completed.